Hi everyone and thank you for visitng my website.  My name is Alison White, owner of Alison B. White Photography.  


My creative journey started when my children were young.  My daughter is a talented athelete and I felt it was important to capture her victories.  I learned to master photography basics quickly - Catie was a sprinter and a good one.  I learned how to use the camera shooting under harsh conditions: indoor, poor lighting, fast speeds.  As my children grew up and out of the home, my attention turned to landscapes.  I have been blessed to be published in Outdoor Photographer magazine as well as winning awards for my fine art landscapes.  


Fast forward a dozen years, I still wake up everyday with a passion to grab my camera and find something to photograph - whether it be people or places. As my skill and experience matured,  friends and family asked me to photograph their special life moments. The number of requests grew and grew so I decided to turn my passion into a business. My style is to be a quiet presence, documenting those important moments.  I like to capture memories as they happen naturally—unposed, intimate and above all, real. These moments are a timeline, showing your day as it unfolded and they will transport you right back to your wedding or event when you look at your pictures years from now. 


Images of love are not just limited to weddings; I also photograph families, honeymooners, vow renewals and more, using the same relaxed and photojournalistic style.


If you have a special event you would like to capture, please email me at [email protected].  You can also reach me at (802) 371 -7566.