Steve Nipper
Just read your article in Outdoor Photography. Thanks so much.
Thank you for the great article and information in Outdoor Photographer on Dead Horse Point State Park. I will be out there in a few weeks and hadn't even considered going over there until your article and great shot. Thank you again Ali.
Emma Kimmel(non-registered)
Hi Mrs. White! Catie's roommate Kaitlyn is my sister and she sent me the link to your site. I've been trying to get into photography over the past 4 years, and I've got to say I absolutely love your pictures! I would love to know any tips you've found for getting better at it!
Hello Ms White(non-registered)
Hi Alison this is Sam Trombino, I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your website. Such great composition and light work and just killer images. And like yourself my travel bucket list is quite long too! I followed the link on your free press article and looking back I should have done the same when they published mine lol. Seriously though as a photographer I love to and am always learning from others. And looking through your work has been very inspiring. Keep up the great work and I looking forward to seeing more of it!!
B. Coulter McKnight, RN (MECU)(non-registered)
Great work, Alison! It's funny -- I live in Vermont and I'm surrounded by beauty all the time, but like many of us, I often take it for granted. Your work reminds me to open my eyes to how lucky we are to live here! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
Cat Quinn(non-registered)
Just wanted to say your pictures speak for themselves. You have the eye. I have been to all your pictures out west. We would have fun together out there! So glad you had this experience for yourself. Looking forward to seeing your future pictures.
Stunningly breathtaking, Alison! You got talent! Puts my photos to shame for sure. Thanks for the motivation! Love the rainbow in your backyard!
Joan Rousseau(non-registered)
Great Shots! Absolutely beautiful!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
Laura & Bill Quintin(non-registered)
Really wonderful shots! Thank you what a nice way to start my day!
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